"Sheena helped me kick-start my fashion blog, which I had dreamed of doing for a good 5 years. I had always wanted to do it, since discovering another fashion blogger, finding out what blogging even is and that it exists ha. However, pushing it out farther and farther it became such a saturated market, considering the blow up of Instagram as a platform. I gave up pursuing a legitimate blog writing dream. But Sheena messaged me every day, motivating me "what's to stop you from succeeding, you might as well try, you never know". She took the time to talk to me, and converse with real positive impact. She pushed and motivated me past my fears, and I am finally doing it. She is such a great coach! Genuine, caring and more". 

Irma Oliveira, (Alberta )

"I know Sheena Rogoza on a personal level. She has many remarkable character traits that coincide well with her stated passion and profession, life coaching. I can vouch for Sheena’s ability to render meaningful forms of support and to motivate others, as she has had a positive effect on me. Sheena’s selfless desire to change the course of people’s lives, for the better, is quite evident in all that she does. With that said, I can confidently recommend the services of my dear friend, Sheena Rogoza".  

R.A., (California)

"Sheena is a person who cares about people and loves to see them move forward in their lives. Sheena is like having a whole cheer leading team just for you. She listens, helps identify what obstructs you, and helps you see your options. Then it’s up to you to decide what to do next. I found her to be motivational, supportive and inspiring. Her insights helped me get past my blind spots in areas where I was stuck. Life coaching with Sheena was a gift to me. Freeing, energizing and helping me score in life". 

C.M., (British Columbia)

"I have known Sheena for several years and have watched her increase her abilities and knowledge in a passion that she has always possessed - a passion for the well being of people. Over the last three years, I have required  her assistance to help me work through my marriage breakdown and my emotional blocks. Sheena has been such a tremendous cornerstone in my healing and has continued to keep me in alignment with my values and passions. I always look forward to speaking with her. Her positive attitude and tenacity is steadfast. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me".

B.I., (Saskatchewan)

"Sheena is very passionate about her work. She was extremely hands on the entire time we worked together. I would constantly email her or text her for recipes, advice and just some positive feed back between our sessions and she was quick to respond with useful and effective information. Sheena is the type of coach who can be your friend when you need a friend, but can push you past any obstacle when you need that extra kick. I was very fortunate to have worked with her and am looking forward to continue working with her in the future". 

T.M., (Alberta)

"My weight loss journey with Sheena was truly amazing. She was able to help me find the motivation that I was lacking. She is knowledgeable about fitness and really knows how to help keep you motivated. She helped me lose "31 lbs.! Even at my weakest points, she was there to help encourage me".

Mark, (USA)

"For 6 weeks, Sheena motivated me and guided me to live a healthy lifestyle. Each week I would update her with results, and I lost weight so fast! I never had anyone motivate me or push me like Sheena did. She’s amazing and supported me through my entire transformation".

Joyce, (Alberta)