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Sheena Rogoza


Follow your passion. It's not selfish to put ourselves first. We must learn how to self-love in order to properly care for others. Making positive changes in our lives impact all that we encounter. Family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers feel the effects of them. Follow my story and see how it is I know these things. 

 My name is Sheena Rogoza, your personal life coach! I am a Licensed Practical Nurse, with 19 years' experience. In 2018, I was certified as a life coach by the Certified Coaching Federation. Also, I hold certifications in Sports Nutrition, Sports Training, Taping and Strapping, and Athletic Injury Management. As a trainer, I accompanied the AAA Alberta Hockey Thunders to Europe. (2011). 

I am proficient in working with people that are searching for a new direction. Helping them find solutions and stop those ever-present wheels of disappointment. Ignite that inner fire and fuel the passion that smothers out negative thinking.

Together, we will map out strategies and apply actions, to effectively change your life path. The ultimate goal is to achieve a positive transformation, allowing you to have a better quality of existence.

Since I can remember, I have wanted to help others find their passion, empowering them to recognize their own value and self-worth. Shift negative thinking. Break bad habits. Stop self-sabotage. Avoid roadblocks.

Drive and motivation inspired me! I decided to follow that passion and became a Nurse. With experience, I could teach awareness from a medical perspective. However, scratching only the surface on mental and emotional levels.

In today's society, levels of depression, negativity, and loss of purpose have drastically increased. Insecurities produce feelings of hopelessness and despair. This awareness started my personal journey. So, I began taking courses on life coaching, counseling, nutrition and fitness. I was learning more about myself than I had realized. Steadily progressing, my life was changed. My attitude changed for the better. My home life improved. As a result, I became more active, energetic and even had weight loss. When your life is in balance, a great feeling of satisfaction will affect all other areas of your life.

Freedom from Fear and Judgment. Be Excited for Life!


Plant Seeds of Positivity!


Conscious seeds of positivity planted will result in unconscious seed growth 

Peter Derewlanka



My name is Peter Derewlanka, your personal training specialist. I’ve been involved with fitness and weight resistance training for nearly 40 years. 

My journey began in 1981, when I completed college with a diploma in Computing Science. I was always involved in team sports during my high school and college days and needed to continue in fitness, but found that it was maybe time to try something on an individual basis. It started slowly after an instructor at the Family Fitness Centre, I joined showed me how to use weight resistance training to change my physique and to become stronger and healthier. 

He showed and explained to me that knowing how to properly train and avoid injury while training was paramount.  Also, having a better overall understanding of how fitness was crucial,  allowed me to change my life.  Therefore, I believe it can change yours as well.

I have a personal training certification from the YMCA and am working on another NCCA certification and accreditation from ACTION Fitness. 

I competed in the Alberta Body Building Championships in 1989 and won the heavyweight category, narrowly missing the overall title.

I believe with my knowledge and experience I can help you fulfill your goals of becoming a better version of yourself in regards to overall health and fitness. 

Along with my partner Sheena Rogoza, we can provide you with a training program and a nutrition plan that will assist you in getting to where you want to be.

Therefore, if you’re an individual who is ready to transform their physique and overall health and fitness level, please contact us to arrange a consultation and personalized assessment in order for you to begin the journey that is waiting for you…

Fitness and Nutrition is a Lifestyle!


We can change a person's life for the better as it pertains to overall health and fitness in their respective lives...

Never give up on a Dream!


 Alberta Body Building Championships in 1989 and won the heavyweight category